omgoodness, I'm blogging again!

Dear readers, I know it has been a VERY long time since i posted anything on my blog. Life as you all know sends us many curve balls and challenges. I finally got a computer that works and have decided that i am going to blog again! I know, miracles do still occur! I will once again be searching the wacky world of strange and weird laws and warning labels. I will find those stupid signs posted around the world. I want to beg you to come back and explore the idiotic things we are expected to follow by lawyers, companies and public officials. Comments and suggestions are not only welcome, but would be GREATLY appreciated! I promise to to try and make you giggle and smile! Hope you read me soon! love, janene

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It's jeepin time!

allan standing next to overlook of the highway. long long long way down!

this dog couldn't get up "widow maker" " either!

rusty made it up widow maker! dog didnt! lol

rusty climbing up



derrick playing on ledges

dllan and derrick watchin the idiots climb 





there is a road there...honest

view from the cockpit

rusty showing off 

another hill to climb


derrick. he made it up

he made it.

the "road"


derrick flexing


up he goes!

almost up

rusty fixing broken axle

the Road ...really!


drunks trying to get up

drunk trying to time
road, no , drunks being dumb

tippy, and gnarly

we b jeepin

lots of the middle of nowhere

air down before we hit the trail

loaded up and ready to roll!

stuck on highway 6 for construction. 35 min!

Spring. It only has one meaning for me. Not the thawing of the winter snow, or the flowers starting to bloom. No, not even the warm wonderful days above freezing. Spring to me means Jeepin in Moab! We rolled into Moab yesterday and did so with the windows of the jeep rolled down with the warm air flowing in. It  was s0 good to leave the cold and rainy weather of the cold north! The red rocks glistening and the sun shining brightly. The trees here are all leafed out and the lilacs are in full bloom. It is heavenly! Today we woke to beautiful sunshine and i was even able to wear shorts! We packed up the jeep with our daily supplies and headed out. We were going to do a fun trail called rusty nail,  but the safari entrants were running it today. we had to pick an alternate playground. In Moab there are lots of places to play, so we decided to run metal masher instead. We started wheelin and enjoying the beautiful weather and were having a great time. Of course the youngsters with us had to Play on some of the harder spots, and before long the sound of snapping steal rang through the air. One of our buddies broke an axle. Luckily, or something like that, he carries a spare one. Tools in hand and plenty of help and a bit of down time on the trail, we were back in business. We continued on and then it hit! The most awful wind came blowing in like a hurricane and we were soon blasted with red sand. It got in our mouths, hair, eyes, clothes, well just about everywhere! It hurt if you were standing out in it! It felt like a million tiny needles poking us at once. The up side though,...when i showered i also exfoliated. It was time to get back to the condo and out of the sandbox! Even the wind and a slight sunburn couldnt dampen our spirits! All and all it was a wonderfull day! Tomorrow is looking to be a sunny, warm, non windy day! I hope to get a bit redder! See ya tomorrow! bye now from moab!



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