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Dear readers, I know it has been a VERY long time since i posted anything on my blog. Life as you all know sends us many curve balls and challenges. I finally got a computer that works and have decided that i am going to blog again! I know, miracles do still occur! I will once again be searching the wacky world of strange and weird laws and warning labels. I will find those stupid signs posted around the world. I want to beg you to come back and explore the idiotic things we are expected to follow by lawyers, companies and public officials. Comments and suggestions are not only welcome, but would be GREATLY appreciated! I promise to to try and make you giggle and smile! Hope you read me soon! love, janene

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Some rears shouldn't be viewed!

Common sense. Most people have it , but there are other people out there in this big wide world of ours  that have never even heard of it! For this special group of ...well "Special" people, warning labels were created. Case in point, the motorcycle helmet mounted with a rear view mirror. "Remember objects in mirror are behind you." WoW! I would never have guessed that images in my REAR VIEW mirror were BEHIND me!So."" rear view" mirrors are for seeing things behind you! What a concept! Now we know that it is possible to see things BEHIND us, we should  take a good look and see what the poor souls following us are seeing. There are some "Rear views" that just should never be seen!

Fwd: Going home!

My sweet grandson came into this world a little early, but he is perfect! But as with all babies born with Olsen genes he struggled just a tiny bit and couldn't leave the hospital with his mom and had to stay in the nursery. He had a bout with jaundice and the pediatric doc decided he needed to stay. It broke his mommy's heart as well as mine, for I remember all too well how hard it is to go home without your little one. Courtney had to stay in the nbicu for almost two weeks. She had an infection and was on oxygen and antibiotics. The day I went home and she had to stay,even though I knew she was in good hands, was still one of the roughest days of my life. When Courtney called and told me she couldn't take little jj home with her I knew just how she was feeling. But a miracle happened and little jj is healthy and perfect and HOME with his mommy and daddy where he belongs. My heart soared when I heard Courtney's voice on the phone telling me they were all home safe and sound! The joy in her voice came all the way to me and entered my heart! Then my son sent me a picture of precious jj all decked out in his BYU attire all ready to head home to his loving home. Yes Courtney it brought a tear to my eye! Then I received pictures of my precious jj wrapped in the blanket I knitted for him, wishing he was wrapped in my arms! This is the beginning of a long life filled with love and joy, and grandma is going to spoil him and Courtney and Matt, you can't stop me! Or Grandpa! What a wonderful adventure this is going to be!

Over the river and through the woods to grandma olsens house we go!!!

There are some very special moments we have in our lives. Your first words, your first 2wheeler bike, your drivers license, your first love....your first heartbreak, getting married to the man of your dreams, the births of your children, and now i am very blessed to add becoming a grandma to the list. This morning, November 18,2010 at 3:40am cute, adorable, sweet, smart, etc-etc, my grandson was born. Courtney was so brave and awesome!She dilated from 2cm to 10cm in about 2hours,and then pushed for about 30min and he was here! James John Cheshire. That is his very special family legacy name!James comes from his dads legacy and he will be the 5th generation to have the first name James. John is another legacy name. It comes from my side(Johnson side)of the family. My grandfathers name was John Lamar Johnson.Its a big proud name! Too big of a name for such a little guy so we call him jj! It is very cute and fits him well. I have gotten to hold him a couple times, NOT ENOUGH!,and its heaven! I love the way he smells and the way he crinkles up his little face! I have so much love i want to shower This little guy, and Courtney you cant stop me! Little jj looks a lot like his uncle Nate, and other words...GORGEOUS! And I'm not saying that just because he is my grandson! I am looking forward to doing a whole bunch of spoiling! This grandma thing is going to be the most wonderful thing I've done!EVER! Courtney and Matt are wonderful parents and make cute kids, so i hope they have a bunch more! One of my dreams is to have a house full of grand kids on Christmas eve,wearing the new pj grandma made or bought, Matt singing Christmas carols and ua joining in, then grandpa Allan reading the "Polar Express" while the kids eat sugar cookies and drink hot chocolate. I hope my dream comes true very soon. Well back to the subject...Courtney and Matt and jj are all cuddled up on Courtney's bed sleeping. It is a wonderful picture. Such a sweet little family! I just love them all so much. Courtney and Matt are looking forward to showing the handsome little guy off! But with flu season here they may just have to keep him away from people, but I'm sure they will post lots of pictures on facebook! i am still so extremely thrilled to be a grandma and I'm looking forward to my dreams to come true!

Swiss Banks will store anything, or ANYONE!

This law comes from the beautiful country of Switzerland.The Swiss have been famous for storing stolen money, art and gold in their bank vaults, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! But they also have a law stating what the bank owners Cannot refuse to store! In Switzerland it is illegal for bank owners to refuse vault owners to store dead relatives in their vaults, provided the period of storage does not exceed 7 months. I suppose after that amount of time the body is pretty ripe and ready for planting....all i can say is...ewwwwww. I hope they are stored in urns! 

Batteries not included!

It is getting to be that time of year when dads and moms are furiously buying all the fun electronic gifts for christmas, and double checking that the correct amount of batteries for each one has been purchased. There is nothing more upsetting than giving that electronic gadget so dear to a childs heart and not having enough power to make it go! All parents have become to hate this simple phrase..."Batteries not included!". But be sure as you buy those batteries that you read the package, you see on one brand of batteries the package actually says, you guessed it..."BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED!". It is a package of BATTERIES! Are they seriously saying that there are no batteries contained within this package of BATTERIES?

Richest woman in Chicago arrested for vagrancy!"

"Who the hell carries cash anymore?"
The mighty dollar. For so long that little green piece of paper was our main currency. Enter the computer age, now no body carries cash anymore. The mighty dollar has been replaced by the debit or credit card. Some places even refuse to take cash anymore!But if you live in the state of Illinois, you better carry at least one of those greenbacks or you may land in jail! An Illinois law reads, "Any person walking on any public street or  sidewalk or visiting any public park must have at least one dollar on their person or they will be arrested for vagrancy and placed in jail." How many of you have a dollar bill on you right now...i don't, but i have a debit card a credit card and even a Walmart gift card worth about 50$. If I were in Chicago I would be arrested for vagrancy! I wonder if some of Chicago's very rich residents, such as Oprah carries a dollar, my guess is if this law were actually in forced the jails would be full of very angry people paying their bail with their debit cards!


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